Preparing for Freezing Weather

Tomorrow night and some days afterward are when we might get severe cold weather for our climate. I even covered some of my bulbs that should be good above 10 degrees to be on the safe side. Temperatures in the teens are too close for comfort! The weather was warm last week, which caused the miniature daffodils tulips and Muscari to begin blooming. Now, I am rushing to cover everything I value the most. I brought the rose cuttings inside so they would survive another update.

Yellow Jonquil with Bright Orange Trumpet

This lovely bloom appeared just days before the bad weather started. I love how tough these little flowers are and the squirrels and chipmunks don’t touch them.

Container Garden Frost Protection

I had to drag all of my old blankets and sheets out of storage to cover all my containers. Hopefully, my lettuce and root crops will be ok. I will update later.

Fabric Pots

I found these fabric pots are very good to use for overnight frost protection! They fit right over the smaller pots and give room for the plant to keep its shape.

Frost Protection

Things are not looking attractive out here but hopefully my flowers will be protected for Springtime.