Hardy Hibiscus Illustris Elephant Ear and Red Ribs Seedlings Daylily Combination

This year, after all the rain, we have a blessing in disguise with our flower bed combo of Illustris elephant ears, hardy hibiscus, and Red Ribs seedling daylilies!This morning I found a beautiful white bloom in the Luna Mix seedlings. If you watched the video, I have already changed my mind about where to plant it! The big pink Luna Hardy Hibiscus looks so pretty and stands out in the landscape. Later on, I will update more as my plants grow and develop. More blooms are on the way!

  • White with Red eye Hardy Hibiscus grown from seeds
  • Pink with Red eye Hardy Hibiscus grown from seeds
  • Pink Hardy hibiscus, illustris elephant ear and Red Ribs Seedling daylilies
  • Luna Pink Hardy Hibiscus
  • Daylilies Red Ribs Seedling
  • Red Ribs x unknown seedling
  • Luna White Hardy Hibiscus

Daylily Seedling Update

Two years ago, I did some random crosses with Little Grapette, Little Business, and a few others. I saved the seed pods and planted them the same year. Since we have a long growing season, this works out just fine for me. This spring, I have enjoyed taking pictures of my cute flowers every morning. Some of these seedlings were surprisingly large or small when considering the parents! This year, I plan to plant the daylilies in my flower beds and plant more seeds for another 2-year wait.