Growing Thornless Blackberries

This spring, we got to enjoy thornless blackberries picked fresh from the vine. They are delicious to eat and the vine is beautiful in every stage of growth and production. These plants are not demanding to care for. They need rich, moist, well-drained soil with a moderate amount of compost. They do not like wet feet so take care not to overwater them.

They produce fruit on 2nd-year growth so don’t forget to start cuttings and nurture as much new growth as you can to prepare for another year of harvest. Cuttings can be started by cutting about 8 to 10 inches off a growing vine, cutting off 2 rows of bottom leaves and planting in any good soil including potting mix with or without rooting hormone. Place in a shady spot until you see new growth and then move them out into the garden.

Give them full sun, strong support such as a rope fence or a trellis with ample space to grow. Remove deadwood and take care not to cut off any new growth so your plant will produce berries next spring. Make sure they are spread out enough so they have some breathing room ensuring that your vine will get plenty of sun and produce well overall and they will reward you with delicious blackberries with little to no care.

Fully Ripened Thornless Blackberries

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