Growing Hardy Hibiscus from Seeds Part 2 Results!

Hardy Hibiscus Rosy Pink with red center seedling
Hardy hibiscus seedling

My Hibiscus moscheutos aka Swamp Mallow hardy hibiscus is starting to get a lot of growth and flower buds since I recently pruned them. The Hardy Hibiscus Mix purchased from the commercial source has the first bloom. What a lovely surprise to walk into the garden to view this subtly shaded pink bloom with a contrasting darker pink center.

I have observed that a handful out of 54 of the commercial seed mix has a different soft matte texture to the leaves. It will be interesting to see if the blooms are different as well. I have noticed more of these are tall and a smaller percentage are shorter more like a shrub.

Gallery for 1 of 8 Rosy Pink Hardy Hibiscus Seedling

Gallery for 2 of 8 Light Pink Raspberry center dark green red shaded cordate leaf. The first few pictures show the result of extreme heat stress. The latest blooms are really nice.

Gallery for #03 of 54 plants Crimson eyed white species like/larger flower

Gallery for #02 of 54 plants Crimson Eyed White species like result: This one looks like it will get culled because the bloom is small. I will let it grow and bloom some more and make up my mind if I want to keep it later.

Gallery 1 of 54 plants Pink shaded bloom with darker pink center and light green leaves.