Transitioning the greenhouse to Summer Growing

This year is going to be different and hopefully better than last year. It was simply too hot to grow anything in my greenhouse during the summer, even with the shade cloth, so I am simply making it into a shade tunnel this year. I am up potting my citrus trees and planting tomatoes and peppers which will be updated later.

Garden Tour Late Winter Greenhouse update

March 19,2023

00:00 – 02:37 This is an update on the frost damaged fiddle leaf fig tree. Greenhouse tour update of the hanging basket tomatoes and cucumbers.

02:38 – 05:18 Container garden tour, cabbage, onions grown from seeds, broccoli shoots, collards, turnips, carrots, swiss chard, kale, strawberries, lettuce, and beets.

05:17 – 06:29 Flower garden tour of the Giant sunflower seedlings, and blueberries. 06:30 – 08:02 Bringing plants back into the grow room to protect them from frost.

Photo album!

Hollywood,Blushing Bride and Ballerina Amaryllis

These lovely amaryllises bloomed in early January. The Ballerina was very bright tangerine, double and frilly. It seemed like a smaller flower but it more than made up for that with quite a statement of color. Blushing Bride reminds me of Apple Blossom’s color but it has some different patterns and is lighter in color. The Hollywood Amaryllis is definitely showy with the decorative speckles showing behind the bloom as well.