Turnip Soup Recipe and Ornamental Cabbage and Kale Update

Today was cold yet beautiful and strange, with my tomato vines still alive sporting green just beginning to turn red tomatoes. The weather has been unseasonably warm for us lately. I made some delicious turnip soup and decided to share the experience in this video.

I have been growing brassicas to my heart’s content this winter. For years I underestimated my ability to garden during the winter, much less enjoy easy access to groceries right outside my door for months! Is it almost time for dinner? No problem, I’ll make a pot of greens to go with our dinner tonight. This year we have brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, carrots to name most of them.

The ornamental cabbage Color Up Purple from Park seed was fun to grow from seeds this year. I started them indoors about 6 weeks before the weather was expected to become cooler in the fall. This video covers my experience from start to finish.