2021 Late Winter Early Spring Blooms Daffodils Trailing Rosemary Freckles Pansy

Trailing Rosemary and Dwarf Tulips

My Trailing Rosemary has been blooming all winter. I didn’t realize that it would do this and be so cute and charming. The way it has developed a sort of bonsai looking trunk and drapes out of the container is cooly attractive. I will try taking cuttings and plant this one in more than one place for sure!

Imagine my surprise when I stepped outside in January and saw a tulip bloom budding up. I discovered that I have some dwarf tulips in the mixes I purchased last fall! I have some delicate soft yellow and bright pink tulips going on right now and never guessed they would be this early.

White Dandelion and Freckles Viola Pansy

I have so many blooms this winter. My pink dandelion bloomed white. I have another dandelion budding and wonder if that one will be pink. I also have been enjoying the delicate freckled blossoms of this viola. How fun!

Avalanche Jonquils

It is a no brainer why these jonquils are named Avalanche. They are an avalanche of blooms in January! About ten years ago, I found one lonely neglected bulb in the lawn getting mowed over and over. I moved it to a safer spot where it has naturalized beautifully.