Winter Storm 2021 Frozen Flowers and Plant Covers!

Wild Violet covered in ice

We have had a little more cold weather than usual lately. I covered most of my containers and found out this morning they were frozen solid! My tulips and grape hyacinths had just begun to bloom when the weather report of Winter Storm Warning was announced and sent me outside with armloads of blankets and towels. On the morning of the winter storm, I took some pretty pictures of flowers frozen in ice. I found this wild purple violet and some wild buttercups covered in ice. Many robins were hanging out in the garden, and the moon was pretty at the end of the day. I will update later on after I find out how my plants are doing. If you watch the full video, you will find out why I know nothing today!

  • Violets and Wild Buttercups after the Ice Storm
  • wild buttercup frozen in ice
  • wild violets in the snow
  • Wild Violets and Buttercups in the Snow
  • Wild Violets Frozen in Ice
  • Wild Strawberry Covered in Ice
  • Wildflower covered in Ice