2021 Winter Storm Inexpensive ways to protect plants from Ice and Frost

leaf covered in ice

The weather was crazy this past week from February 15th and a week afterward. I had to cover my plants during the night and uncover them during the day. I used mulch as much as possible, but there wasn’t enough to go around for all my containers. We have never had this much ice to freeze for days on end, so I learned what kind of fabric materials work best for frost protection and are inexpensive and easy to move around once they become encased in ice.

Winter Storm 2021 leaf covered in Ice
Winter Storm 2021 leaf covered in Ice

Lovely Unseasonal Snow and Ice Pictures in Zone 8b

I have some pictures to share because I braved the elements long enough to take a few photos of this historical ice event! I will share later about how my rather slushy flower beds are a wreck, but I wanted to enjoy how pretty the landscape was appearing and try to look on the bright side!