Starting Giant Sunflower Seeds and What’s Blooming?

I planted sunflower seeds in Burpee’s organic potting mix on March the 4th. Just about any potting mix will work. This video is part one of a series where I am growing giant sunflowers. I also have planted my own saved seeds from the ornamental sunflowers I grew last year.

What’s Blooming this week?

This year I am especially pleased to see my crinums and ferns have survived the terrible frosty weather we had in February. The Amaryllis Alaska, Pink Surprise, and also some 3 year old seedlings are blooming. H.F. Young is so pretty that I had to share another picture. Blue Mirror Delphinium is a new perennial for me this year. I will let you know if it does well here in my Louisiana zone 8b garden. Last but not least I have a lot of dahlias growing from seeds this year. Stay tuned for the updates!