Tulips and Daffodils in Bloom!

I was pleased this year to grow Tulipa bakeri Lilac Wonder, Daffodil Mix, and Jetfire Daffodil. The Lilac Wonder Tulip is closed in the morning and opens during the day. I think most tulips bloom like this, but in this wild tulip, it seems more pronounced. I will be sharing more posts and pictures later as more flowers bloom this spring.

I have been working on my garden clean up day after day. It seems like when I weed out a spot making sure to remove the roots, more sprout after I turn around again! I put some effort into protecting my plants from armadillos this year by putting down some chicken wire and securing it with landscape staples. So far, it has slowed down the squirrels.

My poor crinum lilies had all the foliage frozen off of them like never before. They are recovering well from the severe cold weather we had in February. I have taken some time to create another photo album for a closer view of the flowers this week. The weather has become wonderfully balmy, and I am enjoying the garden along with the plants!