New Amaryllis for 2021 Marquis Ferrari and Opal Star

  • Marquis Amaryllis
  • Marquis Amaryllis Petal showing texture

2021 Growing Amaryllis Inside the house

Recently, I have updated my YouTube channel with a video about these beautiful amaryllises. I can’t think of anything easier to do for decorating any space near a window. All you have to do is plant the bulb 2/3 of the way with soil and water in. Staking is a very good idea once they start to bloom to keep them from falling over. Keep the soil moist and well drained so they will perform for weeks and you can place the bulbs outside during the summer to allow them to grow and replenish the bulb. Stay tuned for the Part 2 video in 2 weeks!

Amaryllis Opal Star and Marquis
Purchased as Amaryllis Opal Star and Marquis side by side
Ferrari Amaryllis
Labelled as Ferrari Amaryllis
Red and white amaryllis
This one was mislabeled as Amigo but does resemble Flamenco Queen.