Another Hardy Hibiscus Seedling Bloom

I have been watching a bud develop on my hardy hibiscus seedling grow out for the past week. I was anticipating the bloom so much that I took a picture of it every day! This beautiful flower was on one of the taller plants with dark green shaded with red leaves. It was light pink with a raspberry red center that flared into the petals. I believe the notably high temperatures caused all the plants in my garden to experience heat stress. I am guessing the slight lipping in this bloom was caused by the extreme weather.

Hardy Hibiscus 6 days to a bloom

We have had the battle of the bugs the past two weeks. The whiteflies have descended upon my garden with a vengeance. I have been busy washing them away from beneath the leaves with water and following up with neem oil and pyrethrins. I mixed the solution more diluted than the package called for and only sprayed in the late evening. So far, it looks like I have good insect control and the plants look lovely except for a bug chew here and there. To view more seedlings visit my hardy hibiscus page.

Hardy Hibiscus Bloom