Morning Glory Color Comparisons

Japanese Morning Glories can be ipomoea nil or ipomoea purpurea and come in many colors. See the picture below for some comparisons of some of my favorite colors. I think they are amazing because the patterns are so varied. The blooms sport blizzard, shibori, solid, ray white, margined and speckled patterns to name only a few! Now we haven’t even got started talking about colors which are pinks,reds,purples and blues with many shades and tones. Yellow would be quite rare and I have seen some very light cream colored ones that were not quite convincing enough for me to call them yellow.

Japanese Morning Glory colors color comparison dusky chocolate purple blue

      Row 1:

     1A: purple speckled 2B: Dusky purple intense gene speckled pale cream background 3C: Dusky purple speckled intense gene cream yellowish background 4D: Blue speckled 


5E: purple blizzard 6F: dusky light purple blizzard 7G: dusky purple speckled 8H: dusky purple speckled intense gene yellowish background 9I: chocolate mg,pr speckled 

Row 3 :

10J: purple white ray 11K: Dusky purple intense gene 12L: chocolate mg,pr, dusky rayed white margin 13M: Chocolate.dusky mg,white margin

Japanese Morning glory colors lavender  and dusky lavender
Dusky Lavender and Lavender

Japanese Morning Glory Chocolate and Chocolate Speckled

Japanese Morning Glory large flower  Chocolate and chocolate speckled
Akatsuki Large Flower Mix
Akatsuki Large Flower Mix
Ipomoea Purpurea Japanese Morning Glory hige Mix
Ipomoea Purpurea Hige Mix
Japanese Morning Glory Mount Fuji Mix
Mount Fuji Mix
Japanese Morning Glory ipomoea purpurea Pink Shibori
Japanese Morning Glory ipomoea purpurea Pink Shibori