Japanese Morning Glory Fujishibori experiments

These are some videos I made when I used to blog on my Lake Mary Gardens website. If you are interested in doing grow outs to find colors and patterns in Japanese Morning Glories such as Large-Flowered Fujishibori, watch this 5 part series where I recorded a grow out from start to finish. The last video in this series is an advertisement from when I used to sell seeds but I no longer sell or trade any seeds. Now, I just enjoy my gardening and grow a few Japanese morning glories along with my other annual plants.

Fujishibori experiment 5 part video series

Part One
Part 2 separating the seedlings
Part 3 Inspecting the speckled stems
Part 4 The results are in!
Part 5

Watch part one in the series of my Japanese Morning Glory growout as I examine the traits of the seedlings.

Japanese Morning Glory Large Flower Fujishibori Speckled Chocolate flower
Beautiful chocolate speckled Japanese Morning Glory flower
Japanese Morning Glory Large Flower Fujishibori Speckled Dusky
Beautiful Dusky Fujishibori Japanese Morning Glory

Japanese Morning Glory Fujishibori Gallery