Japanese Morning Glory Seedling culling

Japanese Morning glory speckled seedlings

This is one example of culling Japanese Morning Glory Fujishibori seedlings. The green ones will have speckled flowers but the one purple shows a sign of a solid color morning glory. I’m unsure why 80% of this one batch of seeds is speckled and 20% shows signs the flowers will not be speckled but more likely a solid color. It could be that a bee mixed the pollen from a solid colored bloom in the garden and so we have a cross that will also be solid colored. It is possible to simply grow the cull separate because if the pod parent was speckled then it will carry genes and have the potential to produce plants with speckled blooms.

Culling Japanese Morning Glory Kikyo seedlings

This is another example of some Japanese Morning Glory Kikyo seedlings showing a cull that I removed. I already know the cull will not look like the other plants. I could grow the cull separate if I wanted to see what it looked like. Probably what happened is a bee mixed the pollen with a round flower plant and resulted in one different looking seedling. Since the kikyo whirlpool leaf gene is recessive the dominant gene inheritance made the seedling look like the round flowered normal leafed parent.

This plant will carry for the whirlpool gene. It is possible to spot these culls and remove them when growing open pollinated seeds.