Starting Giant Sunflower Seeds and What’s Blooming?

I planted sunflower seeds in Burpee’s organic potting mix on March the 4th. Just about any potting mix will work. This video is part one of a series where I am growing giant sunflowers. I also have planted my own saved seeds from the ornamental sunflowers I grew last year.

What’s Blooming this week?

This year I am especially pleased to see my crinums and ferns have survived the terrible frosty weather we had in February. The Amaryllis Alaska, Pink Surprise, and also some 3 year old seedlings are blooming. H.F. Young is so pretty that I had to share another picture. Blue Mirror Delphinium is a new perennial for me this year. I will let you know if it does well here in my Louisiana zone 8b garden. Last but not least I have a lot of dahlias growing from seeds this year. Stay tuned for the updates!

Amaryllis Benfica and Sweet Nymph

Lovely Blooms During Winter!

Benfica was the last Amaryllis to bloom indoors this winter. I was impressed with the saturated color of the blooms. This one unfurls four blooms at the same time instead of one at a time like Sweet Nymph. I have a video posted on youtube.

Benfica Amaryllis
Sweet Nymph budding

Sweet Nymph attempted to send out a third large bloom stalk, but I noticed the bulb was shrinking. I snipped that one off to stop the plant from blooming itself to death. It even has a large offset to grow this spring! I have to say this amaryllis is a top performer.