Growing Container Potatoes with Irrigation Part 1

March 1st, 2021, I planted my potatoes and set up an irrigation system that I didn’t end up needing for that period of growing time. I also lost all my watermelons and pumpkins because it rained for weeks on end. The water was too much for them. I have since replanted the seeds and hope for the best. I used fabric pots because they are cheap and work great, allowing good drainage.

I am beginning to get blooms from the Dahlia seeds I planted this spring. I planted Unwins Dwarf and Bishops Children seeds and will follow up later on my attempts to plant seed from named varieties.

Hardy Hibiscus Illustris Elephant Ear and Red Ribs Seedlings Daylily Combination

This year, after all the rain, we have a blessing in disguise with our flower bed combo of Illustris elephant ears, hardy hibiscus, and Red Ribs seedling daylilies!This morning I found a beautiful white bloom in the Luna Mix seedlings. If you watched the video, I have already changed my mind about where to plant it! The big pink Luna Hardy Hibiscus looks so pretty and stands out in the landscape. Later on, I will update more as my plants grow and develop. More blooms are on the way!

  • White with Red eye Hardy Hibiscus grown from seeds
  • Pink with Red eye Hardy Hibiscus grown from seeds
  • Pink Hardy hibiscus, illustris elephant ear and Red Ribs Seedling daylilies
  • Luna Pink Hardy Hibiscus
  • Daylilies Red Ribs Seedling
  • Red Ribs x unknown seedling
  • Luna White Hardy Hibiscus