Planting Giant Pumpkin vines

On March 12th, I planted my giant Large Marge pumpkin seedlings in the garden. These large pumpkins are capable of growing up to 40 pounds. I used 1/3 kitchen compost and rabbit manure, 1/3 organic topsoil, 1/3 potting soil with some minerals, and bone meal for my amendments. I dug a 2 foot deep hole and backfilled it as I turned the soil to combine my native soil with the added amendments.

Then I gently tipped the pumpkin plants out of their gallon pots and planted them about a foot apart in the hill. Planting two plants together may not be the best way to grow a giant pumpkin, but these will grow just fine this way. I should get some sizeable pumpkins for fall decorations this year.

Then I used cardboard boxes, leaves, pine straw, and old hay as mulch. I have to protect my plants from armadillos, so I used chicken wire around the bottom and placed a cage around them. In my zone 8b climate, I have always had better results with pumpkins by planting them early, and then I have to look for squash vine borer eggs every other day.

The Tulips and Daffodils are blooming!

Dahlia Planting Tips and How to keep Squirrels from digging them up

I have been planting more store-bought dahlias, and I also picked up a bag of purple gladiolus. The planting has been progressing slowly but surely as I manage to find bulbs I like here and there. In this video I am demonstrating how to tell if a dahlia tuber is healthy and will grow. The problem I have had lately is critters like squirrels digging in the beds. I have been protecting my plants with chicken wire and wire fencing.

Some of my tulips bloomed in early January which was a month early! It looks like all the early bloomers were miniature tulips. I even found some with variegated leaves that appear to be on their way. All of the wild tulips have strappy leaves, and some of the grape hyacinths were just beginning to show some color.