Amaryllis Benfica and Sweet Nymph

Lovely Blooms During Winter!

Benfica was the last Amaryllis to bloom indoors this winter. I was impressed with the saturated color of the blooms. This one unfurls four blooms at the same time instead of one at a time like Sweet Nymph. I have a video posted on youtube.

Benfica Amaryllis
Sweet Nymph budding

Sweet Nymph attempted to send out a third large bloom stalk, but I noticed the bulb was shrinking. I snipped that one off to stop the plant from blooming itself to death. It even has a large offset to grow this spring! I have to say this amaryllis is a top performer.

How to Protect Tulip Buds From Frost

I worked way too hard on November 30th as I planted my spring bulbs in the rain. The second week of February, a snowstorm was in the forecast. In our case, it was more like an ice storm. The day before the icy precipitation struck on February 15th, I covered all my tender budding tulips with blankets and towels. I did lose one pretty red and white tulip that was blooming at the wrong time.

Budding tulips at this stage are vulnerable to frost damage

The next morning they were firmly encapsulated in ice blankets. If you watched the previous video, then you know what I am saying! I waited a day then uncovered the containers during the day after the temperatures were above freezing. I had to break the ice off of some of the covers. Then I went through the process of uncovering them in the morning as soon as the temperatures rose above freezing and then covering them again at night. Hopefully, the tulips will bloom beautifully in the next few weeks.